We sell sweets

You know what we do at DAJA? We sell sweets! Sounds simple. And it actually is. But it’s precisely in that word ‘actually’ where the essence lies. It means that we have to work our socks off to keep it as simple as possible for ourselves. And our partners benefit from that. Because let’s be honest: every entrepreneur is looking for a way to increase the organisation’s turnover. And that can be achieved through volume growth in existing markets and channels, but it’s also possible by expanding the business horizon. You don’t need DAJA to realise that. But perhaps you need us to make it happen.

New Territories & Markets

DAJA knows better than anyone to create additional sales in alternative retail channels. These are channels that you simply never thought of yourself, or channels that you considered but couldn’t get into. But we can. We know the way in the candy world. Not just the well-trodden paths, but also, and especially, the backroads, shortcuts, and undiscovered places. Together with you, we ensure higher revenue without compromising existing trade. With years of experience and expertise, DAJA is the ideal partner in finding new sales territories and markets.

Domestic & International

It’s called the world of DAJA for a reason. Boundless, indeed. We not only know how to reach new customers and local markets within the country, but also abroad. Based on our experience, we understand that the trading dynamics in France are different from those in Germany. Not to mention the traders themselves. We know the markets and the people. And they know DAJA. Sometimes it’s because we are 100% reliable, and other times it’s because we have 100% successful products. And we do all this with utmost care and without disrupting the regular channels. Bam, everyone’s happy. And hopefully, wiser and more satisfied too…

Curious about what DAJA can offer in terms of sales? Come and embark on a voyage of journey in the world of DAJA! Feel free to contact us without any obligation.