(A-brands) confectionary

“DAJA specializes in purchasing (A-brands) confectionery. Over the past years, we have established long-term relationships with reputable suppliers, based on mutual respect and trust.” That’s what we say when we have to describe our procurement in two sentences. Short, powerful, but not really distinctive, right? Maybe we should say it differently: DAJA trades. And negotiates. First with you, and then for you!
We are not a sales channel where you can ditch your surplus stuff. On the contrary, we can be a spearhead for your turnover and sales!

Surplus & Overproduction

We not only have solutions for surplus and overproduction, but we also take care of (promotional) products with outdated packaging or products with a short shelf life. As long as the content is of excellent quality, we are interested. In short, at DAJA, we always have or find a solution!

Discreet & correct

With good products at good prices, we naturally become good partners. Because we are not looking for quick, one-off trades. Sorry, but that doesn’t exist in the world of DAJA. There may be other people for that job. As a good partner, we understand, for example, that this specific trade must be processed quickly, discreetly, and correctly. DAJA is professional and reliable. That comes from our knowledge of both the products and the industry. But we also know the people in that industry. So, come and get to know us. Let’s see what we can do for each other.

Curious about what DAJA can offer in terms of procurement?
Come and embark on a voyage of journey in the world of DAJA! Feel free to contact us without any obligation.