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The World of DAJA!

You did it: you have entered the world of DAJA. And what a world it is! You sometimes hear people say, “I feel like a kid in a candy store!” Well, we take it a few steps further: we feel like a child in a candy world. A world that we have created by ourselves. And one that we love to show and share with others. After all, there is enough for everyone.

Candy world

DAJA’s “candy world” now boasts years of experience in the field of purchasing and selling fast-moving A-brand products, Fancy Label products, and our own brand products. We currently have a wide range of 250+ articles in stock as standard and always available. Additionally, we also assist our suppliers in smoothly placing overstocks, products with a shorter shelf life, or discontinued packaging in the market. Our world includes many things.

Coverage area

Our coverage area has expanded to more than 10 countries, and we are proud that our world is built on the simple yet effective theme: “DAJA sells superb products at good and competitive prices!” We had this theme in mind when we were working on the idea for DAJA back in 2010 (literally at the kitchen table), and it still guides our perspective on the world.

Curious about what DAJA can do for you? Come and embark on a voyage of discovery journey in the world of DAJA! Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

Own brands

“The world of DAJA had already been my own world for a while: I have worked for various major FMCG companies in different roles. All that time, I knew: someday I will start my own candy empire. And that became DAJA.”

Dave Jacobs – CEO DAJA Trading